WWCC Racing Fund

1) Aim of Support:

  • 1a) To provide a clear progression path & support from Junior to 1st category with performance related rewards.
  • 1b) To raise the profile, strength and kudos of WWCC Junior & Senior members.
  • 1c) To assist Junior, Senior & Veteran riders with the intent that they will be less susceptible to leave for material gain.

2) Limitations and Distribution of Funding

  • 2a) The total level of funding by the WWCC Racing Fund shall be limited to £2,500.00 for the club’s fiscal year ending in 2013. TBC
  • 2b) Eligibility commences at 3rd Category British Cycling Racing Licence from Junior level upwards for road & track and for Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking and Time trials eligibility starts with 3 finishes in the first 15 of open races for ‘uncategorised’ riders.
  • 2c) Funding is wholly dependent upon the available resources within any one fiscal year and may be reduced or rescinded at the discretion of the committee both as a total and on a category basis.
  • 2d) Support will be funded retrospectively. i.e. after the event or capital outlay by the individual member. This will be sanctioned by the Racing Fund manager and the endorsed by the club treasurer.
  • 2e) The Racing Fund Manager along with the committee will monitor and record each rider’s eligibility and the amount of support to which they are eligible.
  • 2f) The total amount of support received by a rider will be limited according to their category and within any one racing season – any rider gaining promotion to a higher category within any one season will only be eligible for the difference between the categories not in addition to the lower one.
  • 2g) Any other forms of support such as team entries for targeted events, ‘Merit Awards’ or travelling expenses are too be considered separately on a case by case basis.

3) Qualifications:

  • 3a) Riders receiving assistance must have been a Club member for at least 6 months or a previous member having re-joined.
  • 3b) The minimum level required to qualify for support is a 3rd category British Cycling Racing Licence or in the case of Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking and Time trials to have finished in the first 15 of at least 3 open races. The equivalent to a 2nd category BC licence holder in the aforementioned disciplines will be 10 places in the first 10 finishers in open races and the equivalent to a 1st category will be 15 places in the first 5 finishers in open races.
  • 3c) Any rider wishing to benefit from support must complete at least 12 ‘open’ races (these may be road, cyclo-cross mountain bike or track, British Cycling, CTT or LVRC events) in any one season. Events restricted to club members do not qualify.
  • 3d) Riders must compete in the club’s registered clothing unless specifically selected for a Regional, National or International Team with registered clothing of an alternative design. NB. This includes shorts.
  • 3e) Riders warming up/winding down, appearing in podium celebrations or awards ceremonies at events must do so in the club’s registered clothing unless specifically selected for a Regional, National or International Team with registered clothing of an alternative design. NB. This includes shorts.
  • 3f) Riders who finish an open event staged by the Wolverhampton Wheelers C.C. such as the ‘Two Counties’ and ‘Severn Valley’ Road Races, open Cyclo-cross and open time trials will be eligible for a refund of their entry fee.
  • 3g) Riders who finish a Divisional Championship will be eligible for a refund of their entry fee.
  • 3f) Supported riders must attend at least 3 specifically selected racing team training/coaching sessions.

4) Term of the Support:

  • 4a) The Term of support for each rider will be one racing season: for Road, Track, Time Trials, Cyclo-Cross &/or Mountain Biking.
  • 4b) Payments will be made within the Clubs financial year which ends on 31st October.

5) Breach of Conditions/Contract:

  • 5a) Any rider declared to have brought the club into disrepute will forfeit all support, and will be required to refund in full the balance of any subsidy.

6) Submission of a Support Claim:

  • 6a) Claims must be submitted either in writing or by E mail to the Racing Fund Manager as per Appendix B of this document: ‘WWCC Racing Fund – Claim Form’ by 30th September each year. TBC
  • 6b) Claims must list the events ridden along with the individual’s results.
  • 6c) Claims must state the riders Club membership and British Cycling membership number (where appropriate).
  • 6d) It is the responsibility of the rider to submit an appropriate claim.
  • 6e) The racing fund manager is responsible for verification & collation of the claims made by each rider.

7) Individual Levels of Support:

  • 7a) As listed in appendix A of this document: ‘WWCC Racing Fund – Subsidy Levels’. TBC
  • 7b) Should the budget set for the racing fund be exceeded, payments will be reduced across the board by a corresponding percentage.

8) Payment of Funding:

  • 8a) Funds will be paid by the Club Treasurer direct to the rider in the form of a cheque at the close of each racing season – No cash payments will be made.
  • 8b) The Club Treasurer will only release funds as authorised by the Racing Manager.