Roller Racing

It’s time for the shortest race of the year!

Less than 30 seconds and 1 minute each ride – easy! I mean, you surely can’t get tired in that amount of time?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the Clubs Annual Roller Contest – open to all ages and abilities.

Don’t worry you are allowed two strong helpers to hold you up, so you don’t have to have super skills.

The races are really short:

Under 16’s = Two rides a Flying 250M and a Standing Start 500M

Seniors, Juniors and Women = Two rides a Flying 500M and a Standing Start 1,000M

Your times for each ride are added together and the lowest total wins – Simple!

The rollers drive big colour coded clock fingers on a large display dial which allows for great audience participation!

Youth Riders start first followed by the Women, Juniors and Seniors.

Riders will be competing for the Joe Dickenson Memorial Trophy in the Youth and Senior/Junior categories and should we have 3 or more ladies ride, we will put up an award for the ladies as well.

Please Note that Gear restrictions apply:

Under 14s and below – standard gear restriction as used for circuit races will apply (details available here)

Under 16’s = Max 15 tooth rear sprocket and a 52 or 53 tooth chainring (Altve 42 x 12 max).

Seniors, Juniors and Women = Max 4:1 ratio. e.g a 13 tooth rear sprocket and a 52 tooth chainring (52/13 = 4).

NB. if you have a 53T chainring then you must use a 14 tooth rear sprocket.

Don’t worry though, as gears will be sorted and checked prior to your ride.

Please give this great event your very best support – Riders and Spectators alike.

Past results