Horace Poole RIP

Last Saturday, Horace Poole sadly passed away after a short period in New Cross hospital.

Yet another stalwart of the Wheelers who helped make the club so great.

Horace, his late wife Betty and their children Andrew, Anne and Christine were a family completely immersed in cycling. Family cycling holidays, touring, racing organising and socialising – it all happened around cycling. Anyone who knew the Poole family would have had their own life greatly enriched such was their warmth. Sadly however, the family had more than it’s fair share of grief. Andy, a former first category road man, was tragically killed in an avalanche whilst walking in the Alps some 30+ years ago. His memory lives on in the Andy Poole trophy, awarded to the winner of the Severn Valley road race each year. His sister Anne also passed away only a few years ago now, but long before her time. Horace’s son-in-law, is Ollie Nagle, former National Cyclo-cross Champion living close to the Poole family home in Calf Heath. 

Horace, himself a National Junior road race champion kept and maintained meticulous records of cycling events covering many decades. Right up to his last days Horace was as bright as a button and able to recall many fascinating facts from times long ago. This must be a family gift because Christine also has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything cycling! Both sisters competed together in Wheelers colours, like their father and brother proud to be representing one of the countries best Clubs.

The kind smiling face of Horace will be remembered when the celebration of a life well lived is held at

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Hallcout Crescent, Cannock WS11 0AA


Thursday 30th November at 12.00 noon.

Horace would have been 96 years old on the 20th November. A wonderful man from a wonderful family.