Roller Race Trophies

Joe Dickinson Schoolboy Roller Trophy

Joe Dickinson Senior/Junior Roller Trophy

Joe and his wife Kath were amongst the warmest and kindest people you would ever meet. They worked tirelessly to support riders of all ages and abilities. It didn’t matter if it was a local youngster in his first ever race or a World Champion Joe was always there, standing in the background quietly enjoying a cigarette!

He was able to see the potential within a rider and subtly suggest a means of achieving it. He gave riders the greatest gift of any athlete – belief.

Kath and Joe would frequently spend their holidays officiating at the National Track Championships and providing space in their own home for riders from abroad. Joe passed many a wise word onto club officials following in his footsteps.

NB. Joe, a former club chairman was a toolmaker by trade, and he crafted these shields himself. Sadly he lost a determined struggle against lung cancer.