Circuit Racing

Circuit racing takes place on closed-road circuits, either purpose built for cycling, repurposed motor racing circuits or sometimes closed-road circuits in town centres. There are several circuits in the West Midlands – Sundorne (Shrewsbury), Stourport Sports Club, Tudor Grange (Solihull), Curborough (near Lichfield) and Evesham Velo Park – which are used regularly for cycle racing.

Races begin from a standing start and are shorter than road races, often only lasting for an hour for senior riders. Closed road circuits often have demanding corners with lots of braking, accelerating and cornering, demanding power and riding skill.

Youth riders may not compete in open road racing under BC regulations so circuit racing is where they can get a taste for massed start road racing. There is more information about starting circuit racing for youth riders on our getting started page and in the following Rough Guide to Circuit Racing :-