Come and try Cyclocross

This event is being promoted by the West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League (WMCCL) in order to encourage cyclists who have never ridden cyclocross to give it a try on a real cyclocross course. The course will be set up for the League event the next day, but you will get the chance to ride it under the guidance of a coach at your own pace.



It is for anyone who has never raced cyclocross before but wants to try a safer, fun and friendlier form of cycle sport.This will give you confidence to enter a cyclocross race – maybe even the Cyclocross league race the following day.

Small groups will be taken around the course by a cyclocross coach and shown how to ride the sections that require a particular skill or technique. They will be given time to try each section individually, and then at the end as part of a complete lap. Our aim is to give you the confidence to enter a cyclocross race – maybe even the race the following day if you feel up to it.

To enter, you must have a bike that is suitable for cyclocross and never have raced cyclocross before. Bikes that are suitable include cyclocross, gravel and mountain bikes, but we’ll check your bike before you start. We reserve the right to refuse a ride to anyone with a bike that we deem unsuitable or unsafe. You must also wear an approved cycling helmet.

Children (under-16) are welcome, but their parent or guardian must remain on-site for the duration of the event, and they must already be competent cyclists. This is not about learning to ride a bike. It’s about learning to ride a bike at speed over mixed terrain.

The WMCCL is open to riders from anywhere. You do not have to live in the West Midlands or be a member of a West Midlands club. If you register to become a League Member, you will receive cheaper entry, priority gridding, and you will earn points toward our season-long competitions in Male/Female and age categories from Under-6 to Veteran 60+.