Club Kit

WWCC Jersey

The jersey shown on the right is the only design registered with BC. This means that WWCC members should only be racing in jerseys of this design. BC Commissaires are entitled to enforce this rule and prevent members from racing in any other jersey.

Join the Wheelers

How to join and renew membership of Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club

Membership renewals are due immediately after the club AGM.

Wolverhampton Wheelers committee have decided to adopt the online membership system offered free to the club by British Cycling.

Club constitution and rules


1. NAME: The name of the Club shall be "Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club" a Community Amateur Sports Club.

2. RULES: These are the rules of the Club which apply to all classes of membership and shall be modified only by a two-thirds majority at a Special or Annual General Meeting.