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WWCC Roller Competition 2014

Race Evening Report 2014   Result

Race Evening Report and Results 2013

Please note that this years Club Roller Contest will be held in the Lobby at Aldersley Leisure Village on Wednesday 17th January starting at 6.30 pm.

Any help with setting up at 6.00pm would be much appreciated...

Yes, this really is the shortest race of the year two stages less than 30 seconds and less than 1.00 minute so how on earth can you possibly get tired in such a short time?

Open to all ages and abilities from U/10's to Veterans. Last year saw an excellent turn out with many Ladies and youth riders taking part. Don't worry if you have not done this before.... You are allowed two holders to assist and the two rides are very short!

Youth (under 16 yr olds) cover 250M from a flying start and 500M from a standing start.

Junior, Senior & Veterans cover 500M from a flying start and 1,000M from a standing start.

The time for each distance is added to give a total to decide the winner.

Two riders compete at a time on competition rollers which are connected to individual pointers on a large display board - 'Simples'.

Bring your own bike - Helmets not required or even recommended - this is all indoors, in the dry and very warm!

Maximum Gear for Junior, Senior & Veterans is 52 tooth Chainring x 13 tooth sprocket (i.e. 4:1).

Should you not have a 52 tooth Chainring then 53 x 14 tooth sprocket must be used.

Maximum Gear for Youth riders is 52 or 53 tooth Chainring x 14 tooth sprocket or equivalent.

NB. Lower gears are recommended as this is the Maximum.

Gear checks will be conducted before and after the event.

Come along and enjoy the fun, Roller Racing is a great spectator event!

AtB Robin