Official Club Announcement 18/3/2020

As everyone knows, events are continually being cancelled due to COVID-19.
From today because of risk and uncertainty all Wolverhampton Wheelers events regardless of Coaching, Track, Road or social club events are now officially cancelled until further notice.
We are aware some riders may meet up for rides away from the club but they will not be classed as official club rides.
Hopefully we can soon be trying to get some normality back to our lives & in due course have a fresh start with 88 orders in for the new kit, a fresh look to add. We will open the portal again shortly as I know more riders still want to order but we had to cut off to get the first order underway to make sure kit is with us before the end of April.
As we will be losing income from the track and also from cancelled road races where we were supplying the timing chips, as soon as we can get clearance to ride, we will need all members to rally round, get involved and help the club by using the Track facilities to generate income which will be greatly needed so in time lets all pull together to make the Club even stronger.
Meanwhile listen to best advice until we get through the medical, economical & social challenges we are going through.

Gary Burke
Club Chairman.