11/08/2020 - Sporting 11

Event Location

K21/11, Old Royal Oak, Halfpenny Green

Event Date

£4 entry on the line (we hope to have set up a card reader and so will be encouraging Contactless payments).

A rear red light is also now mandatory.

All participants will have to do a standing start (no holder uppers).

Start time 19:00, sign-on from 18:45

This is all based on the current guidelines and could be subject to change.

Event Report

On a very sultry evening.. 27 competitors lined up to take on the final sporting TT of the year.

Despite unshipping his chain, Ben Healy set a course record with a 22:28. A cracking effort.

A special mention for Tom White... who last week was not “at one with his bike”... so he has celebrated his birthday during the week and turned it around to be the fastest wheeler on the night. Well done Tom.. shows immense maturity. Chapeau.

Thanks again to all the help and support (and patience) from all competitors and marshals, Paul Horton, Paul Hammond and Richard Sadlier all did a sterling job in humid conditions.

Event Type

Time Trial